By Doyle Morgan Fellers

A wonderful day for a walk up the road.
No hat, no coat just the rising sun and me.
The smell of the light air on a sunlight morning.
It’s a good day for a visit with Mother Nature.

Funny I talk with Her, but she doesn’t talk back.
But I know what she is thinking, and I smile.
There’s so much to say and so little time to share.
It’s a good day, so I push myself another mile.

I go over and past the low water crossing.
The longhorns, deer and wild turkey ignore me.
They too, are enjoying the early sun’s warm glow.
I go my way in tune, in touch with Nature’s rhapsody.

Oh, how I love the sounds of an early morning.
Babbling creeks and birds chatting in the trees.
But unfamiliar sounds of the city interrupt my solitude.
In time they may disrupt my visions, but not my memories.

I look to the east, I look to the west, the north and south
And reflect and absorb the beauty that surrounds me.
I pause for a moment and say a quiet prayer of gratitude.
Such is life in this place they call the Hill Country.