By James M. Gregory

My observation began at twilight––
In hill country one summer night.
My wife and I of 50 years and more
Had just been to the HEB grocery store.
It was a delight just to be there––
With our age and me with no hair.
On the way home, I began to reflect
About God’s creation: the West Texas project.
There seemed to be an abundance of deer
In headlights most everyday of the year.
I thought about snakes that rattle and bite:
Especially when you hike at night.
Then I thought about critters quite small.
I think bugs are the most interesting of all.

Two loves bugs were out at night.
Each was the other’s delight.
Into the darkness they began to explore––
A routine both had done many times before.
As each flew through the air,
They were happy just to be there.
Definitely love bugs they were.
She like him; he liked her.
They would dart then glide
Enjoying being at the other’s side.
They saw a rapidly approaching light.
It seemed to light up the whole night.
They hit the windshield don’t you know,
Leaving a trail of bug juice aglow.