DSCL doors are not open to the public, but call us about services

Due to the COVID-19, the library is not taking donations at this time

Thank you for thinking about our library when you are looking for a place to donate books. With few exceptions, the majority of donated books are placed into our ongoing book sale, which benefits the Library. Some of the books may also be given to our Friends of the Library for their book sales, also benefiting DSCL.

All donated items become the property of the Dripping Springs Community Library and are added, sold or otherwise discarded at the library’s discretion. Receipts will be provided at the patron’s request. A monetary value for the donated material will not be provided.

Please provide your name and contact information (address, telephone number, etc.) with your donation and please bring your donation during our business hours unless otherwise coordinated with the Director of the Library.

Please read our Donation Guidelines and Our Gifts and Donations Policy below.

As always, if you have any questions or are considering a large donation or trust, please contact the Director: Marcia Atilano (director@dscl.org) at (512) 858-7825.

Donation Guidelines

Please note that we can only take two bags of Donations at a time.

Items We Will Accept
Items from non– smoking environment only… NO EXCEPTIONS
Hardcover or paperback books in good condition
DVD’s, Audiobooks, and CD’s
Current issues of magazine
Current Nonfiction Titles (less than 5yrs)

DSCL Gifts/Donations Policy

Items We Will Not Accept
Significantly Damaged including: mold, water damage, yellowed pages, torn /broken bindings, missing pages, excessive writing, insect infestation or dirt
Materials in 3 ring Binders
VHS Tapes or Cassette tapes
Toys, games, puzzles, videogames
Magazines older than 2 years
Large sets of boxed magazines (incl. Nat. Geo.)
Academic journals
Workbooks, study guides, or Textbooks

Please remember we are not a depository for book recycling. 

You may recycle your books and magazines at:

Recycling bins (the green and yellow dumpsters) – found at any of the elementary schools, the middle school, and City Hall.  Paper only.

Hill Country Senior Citizens Thrift ShopGoodwill
Paperback Swap (A Staff favorite!)Ebay.com

The library does not endorse or promote any of these businesses. We are simply suggesting alternatives for your books.