Summer Reading 2024

READSquared is used by the Dripping Springs Community Library to track reading programs for all ages over the summer.
As with any online program, remember to read the tabs and explore to discover what’s available!

Keeping Track – Starting June 3rd

Our Summer reading programs and logging begin on June 3rd
Summer reading logging will end on July 26.

READsquared keeps track of all the points a reader earns and notifies him or her when prizes are won for reading achievements. Educational games unlock as more points and badges are awarded and the missions offer points for completing tasks such as outdoor activities and art projects.

Logging starts June 3, but you can create an account May 1.

Sign Up

Sign up online for the summer reading programs by visiting our DSCL READsquared website beginning May 1.

Click here to watch a walk-through video on creating a READsquared account

READsquared accounts for children under 13 years of must be linked to an adult account.  A child may create an account themselves, but it will not be usable until linked to an adult account.  

Create a Family Account

Caregivers can create Parent accounts to access all of their children’s information and log materials on one screen.
If you are a parent or guardian and would like to create a family account to manage your children’s accounts, simply follow the directions to create an account for yourself, then follow the prompts to register your children. If you have already created an account for yourself, log in and click on the “Account” button on the top menu of your screen, then select “Add Child Account.” If your child also already has an account, select “Link Existing Account.”

Earn Points and Win Prizes

Earn points by reading and logging your books and/or time in your READsquared account. Then, select the prize raffle drawings you want to enter using your points.

Summer Prizes Lists:

Early Childhood (0-5)Young Adults (12-18)
Children (6-11)Adults (19+)

Summer Prize Raffle Sponsors

1,000 Books Before Kindergarten Participants

If your child already has a READsquared account for 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten, a separate summer account must be created for the child.  However, a book read over the summer can count for both programs and you only have to log it once.  Parents, make sure to be logged in under your own account to manage the children’s accounts and select both your child’s 1,000 Books account and Summer Reading account when logging the book for credit.


Once registered you can use the READsquared app available for Android and Apple device to log and keep track of your summer reading.