By Jordan Jones

Hill Country living for the people of Drip:
Barbecue and football games and Mercer Street trips.
Plenty of people saying hi,
Plenty of wildlife going by,
All in a day of the Hill Country life.

Hill Country living for the deer of Drip:
Keeping us company as they frolic and skip.
Unofficial neighbors, though they may be,
We always enjoy seeing them wild and free.
A true Hill Country guarantee!

Hill Country living for the foliage of Drip:
Trees, flowers, and grasses with beauty equipped.
Hear how they rustle, see how they move with the winds,
In our backyards, neighborhoods, and streets like familiar friends.
People and nature, the Hill Country blends.

Hill Country living for the birds of Drip:
Flitting and flying on their overheard trip.
Whether big or small,
They share their unique call.
Their songs give us a Hill Country “Hey y’all!”

Hill Country living for the landscape of Drip:
Different elevations that rise and then dip.
When taking a walk or driving by car,
Be amazed at the vistas you see from afar.
In the Hill Country, home is where you are.