By María de la Luz Martínez

Majestic oaks clutch rocky earth,
While woody arms sweep wide, cerulean skies.
Leafy crowns brim with chattering life
As gnarly roots cradle denizens of paradise.

Untold generations have trod this land,
And lived in peace on tree-dotted, rolling plain.
Chirring sounds from lofty canopies
Surround and lull us with a sweet refrain.

Furrowed fields display delights.
Blushing peaches cling to trees.
Grape-laden vines parcel land,
Their serrated leaves swaying in the breeze.

Wildflowers drape shoulders of huddled hills,
Dressing them in familiar colors that we love.
Sweeping panoramas painted with Mother’s brush
Are framed by Earth below and Sky above.

Crystal waters tickle toes and replenish lives.
Rivers, creeks, and lakes abound near Escarpment Fault.
Setting sun enfolds us with an amber light,
Then star-pricked night becomes a mysterious Hill Country vault.