By James M. Gregory

I went to the store hungry to buy food.
There, I encountered a woman quite rude.
She pushed me away with her cart big and wide:
Accompanied by her big dog walking by her side.
Dander in the air––I began to cough and sneeze.
The dog gave her comfort but made me wheeze.

She zipped to a section labeled organic.
Next, she screamed and seemed to panic.
An ear of corn contained a worm she could see.
It had grown quite healthy in corn insecticide free.
She dropped the ear, cursed and did complain.
It was obvious a little worm had driven her insane.

Next, I saw her pick a jug of milk that day.
The label said organic with a greater price to pay.
In the jug in the milk the color white,
A black spot floated plainly in her sight.
As she mulled over the spot, she became frantic.
I walked by and boldly said it’s organic.

She uttered a few words of choice.
They came out loud in her voice.
They were clearly directed my way.
I stood there with nothing to say.
She gave me an instruction to know.
Clearly, she told me where to go.

Now, there are lessons from this event to learn:
Other shoppers should not be your concern.
Avoid big dogs if you can.
Their owner might attack a man.
Know impact of words can be gigantic.
So, never, never say the word organic!