Sponsor a Butterfly Today!


The Dripping Springs Community Library has long been a symbol of lifelong learning, a place where individuals of all ages can discover, explore, and grow. However, the library is currently facing space constraints, making it unable to accommodate the needs of this rapidly growing community. To address these challenges, the library has initiated a fundraising campaign to build a new facility that will serve as a gathering space for our community.

Glass butterflies hanging

You are invited to be a part of something truly magical: the transformation of lives through the sponsorship of butterflies. The new library space will showcase a beautiful display of glass-blown butterflies that will send a message of transformation through learning and discovery, capturing the natural beauty and sunlight that will stream through the expansive open space. Just like butterflies undergo a profound transformation, our library can be a catalyst for personal and community-wide change.

With your generous support, you can transform the library to create a vibrant, educational haven that transcends the boundaries of conventional learning. Your support is crucial in bringing this vision to life and ensuring that the magic of butterflies becomes a symbol of the lifelong learning and transformation that defines our community.

Butterfly Gift Chart

36 Months / 3 Years
Gift Amount Suggested 10% Deposit Monthly Gift Annual Gift Butterfly Size
$15,000 $1,500 $375 $4,500 XL – 20” – 25” wingspan
$10,000 $1,000 $250 $3,000 L – 14” – 20” wingspan
$5,000 $500 $125 $1,500 M – 8” – 14” wingspan
$1,200 $120 $30 $360 S – 4” – 8” wingspan

Sponsor a Butterfly

Leave a legacy for generations to come by sponsoring a butterfly in your name and/or give tribute to your loved ones by sponsoring a butterfly in their name.  With your gift today, seize the opportunity to attend a workshop to design your own butterfly with renowned Texas artist, Carlyn Ray.

Decorating glass butterfly