By Nancy Fierstien

Do Y’know what I’m thinkin’, Dr. Pound?
I’m delighted that right here is where you found
life’s sweetest things – even real “Dripping Springs” –
and such fertile, scenic ground

to map out one very special place to grow in!
Years ago you boldly came, without quite knowin’
how the whole thing would turn out. But new growth
did come about. Full prosperity is definitely showin’!

I got here decades after you, Sir!
I’m a mindful settler too, Sir –
built a hillside home on acres
where sunsets could see me through

good times in Drippin’ – sippin’, strummin’,
wonderin’ what more could be comin’!
Craved a library, so I helped build one.
To this day, you’ll find folks thumbin’

their way through its fine collection,
which is growin’ gem-like too!
We’ve got plans to build it bigger now because
– well, what else could Springs-likin’ people do?