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By Doyle Morgan Fellers

Want to own a picturesque corner of heaven?
A place of your own where thirsty brush
competes with prickly pear and cat claw vine?
You’re gonna love the dusty dry landscape.

Do you dream of having a world all your own?
How ‘bout a place where the live oaks stay green
all year to shield you from the sizzling sun.
You’re gonna love these shaded, sunlit hilltops.

How ‘bout a place where wildflowers pace their
blooms so there’s a little color almost year ‘round?
Where’s almost always a bright spot along the road.
You’re gonna love the colorful winding backroads.

Do you like the smell and taste of misty rain?
Do rainbows spark a sense of magic in your mind?
Does the thought of a cool breeze warm your heart?
You’re gonna love these rolling rocky hills.

They say, there’s a little bit of everything in Texas,
but there’s nowhere, or no place like the Hill Country.
It’s a place to live surrounded by nature’s scenic bliss.
A place where living life is more like living a dream.