By James M. Gregory

I observed a special-needs child at play.
With no worries, he seemed happy each day.
I noted problems and many limits on his ability.
His parents focus on blessing not his liability?
His limits require from parents extra care.
Nevertheless, his parents are always there.
Other children they have and love too.
They are normal like me and you.

Why does God allow a special need to develop?
Maybe it’s an opportunity for us to love and help.
We tend to think in terms of cause and effect.
We often want to blame, judge, and neglect.
Remember the blind man from birth with no sight.
It was to reveal the Messiah and provide Godly insight.
Caring for a special need is tiring and can lead to self neglect.
But it’s also a grand opportunity to do God’s will I suspect.

God gives blessings and sometimes takes away.
As his creation, we are to honor and obey.
For us, it’s difficult to encounter imperfections and understand.
Sometimes like for Job or Abraham it’s a test quite grand.
Sometimes like the blind man things progress very slow.
Sometimes our care consumes a lifetime before we know.
One fact to know that’s true in deed––
To God, we are all special in our need.

Some say a good life comes with wealth and land.
Some say a good life comes with fame and demand.
I suspect a good life is measured by what you’ve done.
Through individual caring and love shown everyone.