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The Texas Bluebonnet Award Program is a state-wide reading program for students in grades 3-6. The Texas Bluebonnet Award and Reading List has been sponsored by a division of the Texas State Library Association since 1981 when Beverly Cleary accepted the first Texas Bluebonnet Award for Ramona and Her Father.

Students in grades 3-6, or the equivalent homeschool level, may vote to help select the Texas Bluebonnet Award winner in the annual voting at their participating school or public library.

The Dripping Springs Community Library is a voting center for the state-wide vote that will select the winner of the 2023-2024 Texas Bluebonnet Award. Homeschool students or those not attending a participating school may register through ReadSquared on the DSCL website to track books as they read. They may vote at the appropriate time if they have completed the TBA ReadSquared Mission of 5 or more books read, or heard read, before the final voting deadline.

Official Voting Dates: January 3 – Feb. 7, 2024

Texas Bluebonnet Award Nominees 2023-2024 List

Voter Registration: Sign up now through your family account on ReadSquared. If needed, ask for help.

TBA Mission at DSCL: Read 5 or more of the 20 reading list books to complete the mission and be eligible to vote.

Rate Each Book Read on a Scale of 1-5.