These instructions allow you to read eTitles in your Kindle eReader and Kindle Reading App, with no need to download an additional app.

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OverDrive Kindle

1.  At the top right of the website click on Account to be directed to our catalog page to log in.

2.  Use your library card and your phone number to log into the Library’s Electronic Resources.

Catalog login

3.  Click on the OverDrive logo to be authenticated and redirected to the Library’s OverDrive site.


4.  You will already be signed into the OverDrive site via your Library account.


You may now search for the title you wish to read.

5.  Once you have found a title, place your mouse over the title and the option to borrow it will appear.

OverDrive app

6.  Click on Borrow to check out the title.


7.  Once the title has been checked out and added to your bookshelf, click the Download button.

8.  Select Kindle Book

OverDrive Kindle

9.  This will direct you to log into your Amazon account.

Amazon Sign In 

10.  Once signed in you may select the device you wish to send the Kindle book to and then select Get Library Book.
Amazon Get Library Book 

The Kindle Book will be delivered to the selected device.

If you have any devices with the Kindle Reading app attached to your Amazon account, the book will be available in your Kindle Library to download. No need to login to OverDrive again.

Your notes and bookmarks will sync across your Kindle account.

Returning Kindle eBooks

  1. Remove from device
    1. Remove title like any other Kindle book
    2. In the Kindle app or on the Kindle Device press and hold your finger on the Title’s image until you get the options menu
    3. Select Remove from device
  2. Return eBook via Amazon
    1. Log into your Amazon account
    2. Under Account options go to “Manage Content and Devices”
    3. Under the “Your Content” Tab find the title checked out through OverDrive
    4. Select the 3 horizontal dots “Actions” Button
    5. Select Return title

 You can watch a help video on OverDrive Read at:

If you need assistance, please visit the OverDrive help website at