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Enthusiastic Readers for Battle of the Books 2023

What is Battle of the Books?

  • Battle of the Books is a book trivia competition and a book club. There are two book lists with ten books each, Lists A and B. No age range has been set for either list. Please base your competition entry on the books in a particular list, your interests, your reading ability and speed. Book discussions are encouraged within each team of 2-4 readers, you are a book club!
  • Saturday, July 15, is our friendly competition day:  Book List A – 11:00am and Book List B – 1:30pm.
  • Join Battle of the Books – Register online.
  • Complete information can be found on the library website.
  • Teams have 2 – 4 members. Two teams compete at a time.
  • Yes, you can create your own team or be placed on one! Each teammate must register individually! We also must know the names of each person on your team.
  • Read and discuss the books among your teammates. Your team decides how the reading will be divided, and when and where you will discuss the books. Your discussions help you prepare for Battle! 
  • Parents will act as team sponsors.
  • Teams are encouraged to name their teams and may create a team shirt or “look” for competition!
  • Book copies are available for Battle members specifically for two-week periods – checkout and return these books with Ms. Marie, Miss Julieta, or Ms. Susan, not through the front desk. Digital copies of most titles are available through Libby or hoopla apps.
  • Titles are a mix of traditional and more recent fiction, with a sprinkling of non-fiction.
  • There are two lists, A and B, of books. No age range has been set for either list, reading and interest level ranges are noted.
    • Please base your competition entry on the books in a particular list. Select books that are most suitable to your interests, reading ability and reading speed.
  • Books are on various topics, lengths and reading levels to appeal to a wide-range of readers.
  • Registration opens on May 1 and the final day to register for Battle is June 16, four weeks left till competition day.
  • Be ready to compete on Game Day, July 15th. Battles will take place indoors this year.
    • Please arrive a few minutes before Battle of the Books competition is to begin.
  • Friends & family are encouraged to attend; award presentations follow each Battle.

Battle of the Books Competition Day
Saturday, July 15th

Book List A Group: 11:00 AM

Book List B Group: 1:30 PM

For More Information Phone or Email
Phone: (512) 858-7825



There will be two officials, the READER and the TIMEKEEPER/SCORER/ JUDGE (TSJ).
These officials will be chosen prior to the battle through consultation of the coordinator.
The reader will receive a packet of official questions, clearly marked for each round. He or she should go over these questions ahead of time to be sure of pronunciation. The TSJ will have a stop watch and clip board with the Battle Rules, an official title list, a score sheet, and a pencil attached.

Process and Scoring of the Battle:

  1. Two teams compete against each other. Additional rounds with other teams may follow.
  2. The team that sits on the left will always be given first chance at the odd numbered questions, and the team on the right will always be given first chance at the even questions.
  3. Right/Even and Left/Odd standing cards will be placed on the proper tables.
  4. Each team will select a CAPTAIN who will wear the Captain Button. The READER will accept answers from only that CAPTAIN; no other team member’s answer shall be heard and recorded.
  5. The “odd” team will go first and be read question number one.
  6. The team shall have 30 seconds after the reading of the question to give its response through the team CAPTAIN. Teams are encouraged to confer before the CAPTAIN gives a response. Only the first answer the CAPTAIN gives will be acceptable–the team cannot use up any time left to guess other titles.
  7. If the title is correct, the team is awarded 5 points. Then the team may have an additional 10 seconds to confer on the author and give its response. An additional 2 points shall be awarded for the correct author.
  8. If a team gives an incorrect title or author, the opposing team may pick up points for title (5 points), or author (2 points), or both. The question will be repeated to the “acquiring” team, which will then have 10 seconds in which to come up with their answer.
    NOTE: If the acquiring team does not answer correctly, play does NOT pass back to the other team.
  9. Regardless of who scored what on the last question, even numbered questions will be read to the even team, and odd numbered questions will be read to the odd team. This means that an “acquiring” team will get to answer two questions in a row–the one it acquired, followed by      their own.
  10. If a team has begun its response before time is called, it will be allowed to complete it.
  11. After 12 questions have been asked, half-time score will be announced.
  12. After 24 questions have been asked, the reader must allow 15 seconds for challenges to be articulated through the team captain only. If there are no challenges, the final score will be announced, and a winner will be declared. The round will be considered complete, and no further challenges will be entertained.
  13. The number of rounds will be determined by the number of teams.


An answer is considered correct even if mispronounced, as long as the judge can discern it. That may mean that an incorrect article in a title may be used or answers that are slightly off (such as Zekmet the Stone Cutter instead of Zekmet the Stone Carver) are acceptable as well. (That Stone Carver Guy is not acceptable.) A correct author’s name is one that is quoted as it appears on the official Battle of the Books list. The last name only is also acceptable.

Reading List A

Battle of the Books Summer 2023
Reading List A – Click Here

Reading List A Summary
Book Length: 40 – 320 pages
Reading Level Range: 3.0 – 5.1 (most 3-4 grade)

Book copies are available for Battle members specifically – ask for Ms. Marie, Miss Julieta or Ms. Susan, to checkout and return these special book copies.

Reading List B

Battle of the Books Summer 2023
Reading List B – Click Here

Reading List B Summary
Book Length: 134 – 377 pages
Reading Level Range: 3.5 – 8.0 (most grade 5)

Book copies are available for Battle members specifically – ask for Ms. Marie, Miss Julieta or Ms. Susan, to checkout and return these special book copies.