Thursday, April 25; 1:00 – 3:00 PM

Location: Meeting Room

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In this free workshop, Catherine (Kati) Williams from Cordovan Art School will go over the process for starting and layering an acrylic painting. Many techniques will be incorporated including washes, stippling, blending and glazing. All Materials will be provided!

*Registration is required, space is limited! If you have registered but cannot make it PLEASE CANCEL as soon as you know! There are many on the waiting list who would love to attend. We need to give others enough notice that there is a slot available. Thanks!

Catherine (Kati) Williams is an artist, born in Austin, TX.  She studied Oil Painting and Ceramics at the San Francisco Art Institute. Since that time, she has shown her work nationally including New York, NY, San Francisco, Laguna Beach, CA and Austin, TX. She is now running a small local art school in Southwest Austin, Cordovan Art School, with a focus on elevating and improving artistic enrichment for people of all ages.