Friday, January 5, 1:00—3:00 PM

Location: Meeting Room

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Do you want to make a New Year’s resolution (again)? Unfortunately, it doesn’t work for many people (and you know it). Why? Because it tends to be a one-dimensional behavioral change (e.g., losing 10 pounds, starting a Spanish class, and quitting smoking). Resolutions are often not inspiring enough and let us down with guilt and shame if not achieved (you know what I mean!).

Let’s have a vision instead of a resolution for this coming year. It will inspire you to live your life to the fullest and help you create a fundamental change in your life.

In this workshop, participants will first identify their most important values for the new year. Next, they will try guided visualization and make a vision board that expresses what they want and how they want to feel in the new year. They will also list the first few actions to move closer to their vision. Can you think of any better ways to start the new year?

Instructor Bio

Surapsari (“Sari”) Fujimaru is a Board Certified Coach (the certification granted by the Center for Credentialing and Education). She is also a mindfulness and meditation teacher with 15 years of experience. She offers private and group coaching and teaches mindfulness and meditation online, at public venues, and at her private retreat facility in Driftwood, TX.