T-Rex holding book walking away from library

Dinovember – is the month that DINOSAURS love to visit the library. Join the whimsical fun during November as we mix dinosaurs with Thanksgiving, Turkeys, and Native American Culture! Some scientists do say that our Thanksgiving bird is a modern day relative of some dinosaurs, including the mighty T-Rex!

Join the whimsical fun in the kids’ room during November.

What to Expect During Dinovember?

  • A New Dinosaur Hunt each week will have a different small prize for that week’s young hunters.
  • Special Book Displays and maybe a huge dinosaur or two!
  • BIG Floor puzzle on the stage
  • Dinosaur and More activity sheets for various ages
  • Di-November Coloring Contest with two age groups: Ages 3-7 and Ages 8 – 12
    • 2 Dino prizes awarded for each age group


1 Amazon HD8 Tablet winner will be drawn from all eligible Di-November Coloring entries.

Eligibility: You are eligible to win if no one in your family has previously won a tablet.

Dinosaurs Are Everywhere

Go on a Dinosaur Hunt in the Children’s Room and COUNT the plastic dinosaurs you discover hiding. Look high and low and in between!  The dinosaur numbers will grow weekly, and they will seek out new hiding places each week, so visit often during November!

Note to caregivers: little ones may want to gather the dinos like an egg hunt, please help them count instead of picking up the dinosaurs. Earn a dinosaur prize for counting a minimum number weekly, the prize changes each week.

Stegosaurus in Story Time area