Title Creator(s) Format
Alfie and Me: What Owls Know, What Humans Believe Carl Safina Ebook
The Armor of Light: A Novel (unabridged) Ken Follett, John Lee Audiobook
The Armor of Light: A Novel Ken Follett Ebook
Bright Lights, Big Christmas: A Novel Mary Kay Andrews Ebook
Clear Thinking: Turning Ordinary Moments into Extraordinary Results Shane Parrish Ebook
A Cold Highland Wind–A Lady Emily Mystery: A Lady Emily Mystery Tasha Alexander Ebook
Company: Stories Shannon Sanders Ebook
A Day in the Life of Abed Salama: Anatomy of a Jerusalem Tragedy Nathan Thrall Ebook
Death Valley Melissa Broder Ebook
Differ We Must: How Lincoln Succeeded in a Divided America Steve Inskeep Ebook
The Fragile Threads of Power V. E. Schwab Ebook
Germany 1923: Hyperinflation, Hitler’s Putsch, and Democracy in Crisis Volker Ullrich, Jefferson Chase Ebook
Going Infinite: The Rise and Fall of a New Tycoon Michael Lewis Ebook
A Haunting in Hialeah Gardens: A Novel Raul Palma Ebook
The Honeymoon Heist Brad Taylor, Rich Orlow Audiobook
The Honeymoon Heist Brad Taylor Ebook
How to Say Babylon: A Memoir Safiya Sinclair Ebook
An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz Ebook
Insane Emperors, Sunken Cities, and Earthquake Machines: More Frequently Asked Questions about the Ancient Greeks and Romans Garrett Ryan Ebook
The Invisible World Nora Fussner Ebook
The Invisible World: A Novel (unabridged) Nora Fussner, Samantha Desz, Cynthia Farrell, Vas Eli, Adam Verner, Pete Cross, Jesse Vilinsky Audiobook
Judgment Prey John Sandford, Robert Petkoff Audiobook
Judgment Prey John Sandford Ebook
Kill Show: A True Crime Novel Daniel Sweren-Becker Ebook
Killing the Witches: The Horror of Salem, Massachusetts Bill O’Reilly, Martin Dugard Ebook
Land of Milk and Honey: A Novel C Pam Zhang Ebook
Larry McMurtry: A Life (unabridged) Tracy Daugherty, Matt Godfrey Audiobook
The Last Exchange Charles Martin Ebook
The Last Island: Discovery, Defiance, and the Most Elusive Tribe on Earth (unabridged) Adam Goodheart, Will Tulin Audiobook
The List: A Novel Yomi Adegoke Ebook
Lou Reed: The King of New York Will Hermes Ebook
Making It So: A Memoir (unabridged) Patrick Stewart, Patrick Stewart Audiobook
A Man of Two Faces: A Memoir, A History, A Memorial Viet Thanh Nguyen Ebook
Mapping the Darkness: The Visionary Scientists Who Unlocked the Mysteries of Sleep Kenneth Miller Ebook
Midnight is the Darkest Hour: A Novel Ashley Winstead Ebook
The Milkweed Lands: An Epic Story of One Plant: Its Nature and Ecology Eric Lee-Mäder, Beverly Duncan, Joan Edwards Ebook
Moscow X: A Novel David McCloskey Ebook
The Museum of Failures Thrity Umrigar Ebook
The Oceans and the Stars: A Sea Story, A War Story, A Love Story (A Novel) Mark Helprin Ebook
The Other Princess: A Novel of Queen Victoria’s Goddaughter (unabridged) Denny S. Bryce, Nneka Okoye Audiobook
The Power of Days: A Story of Resilience, Dignity, and the Fight for Women’s Equity Celeste Mergens Ebook
Project UnLonely: Healing Our Crisis of Disconnection (unabridged) Jeremy Nobel, MD, Marc Cashman Audiobook
The Psycho Boys: How a Unit of Refugees, Artists, and Professors Fought Back against the Third Reich Beverley Driver Eddy Ebook
The Roaring Days of Zora Lily Noelle Salazar, Natalie Duke, Jesse Vilinsky Audiobook
The Running Grave Robert Galbraith Ebook
Second Act: A Novel (unabridged) Danielle Steel, Michael Braun Audiobook
Second Act: A Novel Danielle Steel Ebook
The Secret Life of Insects and Other Stories Bernardo Esquinca, Mariana Enriquez Ebook
The Spice Must Flow: The Story of Dune, from Cult Novels to Visionary Sci-Fi Movies (unabridged) Ryan Britt, Ryan Britt Audiobook
Starling House Alix E. Harrow Ebook
Surely You Can’t Be Serious: The True Story of Airplane! (unabridged) David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, Jerry Zucker, “Weird Al” Yankovic, Arne Schmidt, Barry Diller, Beau Bridges, Bill Hader, Bob Hays, Bob Weiss, David Zucker, Dick Chudnow, Hunt Lowry, James Murray, Jerry Zucker, Jim Abrahams, Jimmy Kimmel, Joe Praino, John Landis, Jon Davison, Joyce Bulifant, Julie Hagerty, Ken Collins, Laura Orrico, Lee Bryant, Lloyd Schwartz, Lorna Patterson, Marcy Goldman, Matt Stone, Michael Eisner, Molly Shannon, Pat Proft, Patton Oswalt, Peter Farrelly, Rich Markey, Ross Harris, Sarah Silverman, Tom Parry, Trey Parker Audiobook
Take the Lead: Hanging On, Letting Go, and Conquering Life’s Hardest Climbs (unabridged) Sasha DiGiulian, Sasha DiGiulian Audiobook
Target Tehran: How Israel Is Using Sabotage, Cyberwarfare, Assassination – and Secret Diplomacy – to Stop a Nuclear Iran and Create a New Middle East Yonah Jeremy Bob, Ilan Evyatar Ebook
This Is Wildfire: How to Protect Yourself, Your Home, and Your Community in the Age of Heat Nick Mott, Justin Angle Ebook
Three Holidays and a Wedding Uzma Jalaluddin, Marissa Stapley Ebook
A Traitor in Whitehall Julia Kelly Ebook
A Traitor in Whitehall Julia Kelly, Marisa Calin Audiobook
Unrealistic Expectations Andie J. Christopher Ebook
Unruly: The Ridiculous History of England’s Kings and Queens David Mitchell Ebook
The Wake-Up Call Beth O’Leary Ebook
Wellness: A novel Nathan Hill Ebook
What the Bears Know: Finding Truth and Magic in America’s Most Misunderstood Creatures Steve Searles, Chris Erskine Ebook
Wildfire: A Novel Hannah Grace Ebook
A Winter in New York: A Novel Josie Silver Ebook
10 Things That Never Happened Alexis Hall Ebook
A.K.A. Lucy: The Dynamic and Determined Life of Lucille Ball Sarah Royal, Amy Poehler Ebook
America Fantastica: A Novel Tim O’Brien Ebook
Be Useful: Seven Tools for Life (unabridged) Arnold Schwarzenegger, Arnold Schwarzenegger Audiobook
Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones (unabridged) Dolly Parton, Holly George-Warren, Rebecca Seaver, Dolly Parton, Holly George-Warren, Rebecca Seaver Audiobook
Behind the Seams: My Life in Rhinestones Dolly Parton, Holly George-Warren, Rebecca Seaver Ebook
Beirut Station: Two Lives of a Spy Paul Vidich Ebook
Better Hate than Never Chloe Liese Ebook
Blood Lines Nelson DeMille, Alex DeMille Ebook
Bright Lights, Big Christmas: A Novel (unabridged) Mary Kay Andrews, Kathleen McInerney Audiobook
The Burnout: A Novel Sophie Kinsella Ebook
Casino Royale Ian Fleming, Dan Stevens Audiobook
Christmas at the Shelter Inn: A Holiday Romance RaeAnne Thayne Ebook
The Comfort of Crows: A Backyard Year Margaret Renkl Ebook
Darwin and the Art of Botany: Observations on the Curious World of Plants James T. Costa, Bobbi Angell Ebook
A December to Remember Jenny Bayliss Ebook
Distant Sons Tim Johnston Ebook
Emperor of Rome: Ruling the Ancient Roman World Mary Beard Ebook
Endangered Eating: America’s Vanishing Foods Sarah Lohman Ebook
Eve: How the Female Body Drove 200 Million Years of Human Evolution Cat Bohannon Ebook
Every Man for Himself and God Against All: A Memoir (unabridged) Werner Herzog, Michael Hofmann, Werner Herzog Audiobook
The Exchange: After The Firm (unabridged) John Grisham, Edoardo Ballerini Audiobook
The Exchange: After The Firm John Grisham Ebook
Football 100 The Athletic Ebook
For the Boys: The True Account of a Combat Nurse in Patton’s Third Army (unabridged) N.C.R. Davis, Dara Rosenberg Audiobook
Friends Don’t Fall in Love Erin Hahn Ebook
Hazardous Spirits Anbara Salam Ebook
Her Little Flowers: A Spellbinding Gothic Ghost Story Shannon Morgan Ebook
Hidden Potential: The Science of Achieving Greater Things Adam Grant Ebook
The Holiday Mix-Up Ginny Baird Ebook
A Holly Jolly Ever After Julie Murphy, Sierra Simone Ebook
How to Know a Person: The Art of Seeing Others Deeply and Being Deeply Seen David Brooks Ebook
If You Would Have Told Me: A Memoir (unabridged) John Stamos, John Stamos Audiobook
The Invincible Stanislaw Lem, N. Katherine Hayles Ebook
The Last Close Call Laura Griffin Ebook
The Leftover Woman: A Novel Jean Kwok Ebook
The Leftover Woman: A Novel (unabridged) Jean Kwok, Sura Siu, Caroline Hewitt Audiobook
Let Us Descend: A Novel (unabridged) Jesmyn Ward, Jesmyn Ward Audiobook
Let Us Descend: A Novel Jesmyn Ward Ebook
The Little Book of Aliens Adam Frank Ebook
The Long Form Kate Briggs Ebook
Lord Jim at Home Dinah Brooke Ebook
The Lumumba Plot: The Secret History of the CIA and a Cold War Assassination Stuart A. Reid Ebook
Madonna: A Rebel Life Mary Gabriel Ebook
Making It So: A Memoir Patrick Stewart Ebook
Maybe Once, Maybe Twice Alison Rose Greenberg Ebook
Murder by Degrees Ritu Mukerji Ebook
Murder by the Seashore Samara Yew Ebook
Murder in the Family: A Novel Cara Hunter Ebook
Murder Uncorked Maddie Day Ebook
My Death Lisa Tuttle, Amy Gentry Ebook
Obsession Stuart Woods, Brett Battles Ebook
Remember Love: Words for Tender Times Cleo Wade Ebook
Roman Stories Jhumpa Lahiri, Jhumpa Lahiri, Todd Portnowitz Ebook
The Science of the Good Samaritan: Thinking Bigger about Loving Our Neighbors Dr. Emily Smith Ebook
The Secret Lee Child, Andrew Child Ebook
The Secret Lee Child, Andrew Child, Scott Brick Audiobook
The Secret Life of John le Carre Adam Sisman Ebook
The Sisterhood: The Secret History of Women at the CIA Liza Mundy Ebook
Sisters Under the Rising Sun: A Novel Heather Morris Ebook
Sisters Under the Rising Sun: A Novel (unabridged) Heather Morris, Laura Carmichael Audiobook
Sonic Life: A Memoir (unabridged) Thurston Moore, Thurston Moore Audiobook
The Sound of the Future: The Coming Age of Voice Technology Tobias Dengel, Karl Weber Ebook
Straw Dogs of the Universe: A Novel Ye Chun Ebook
Sword Catcher Cassandra Clare Ebook
Techlash: Who Makes the Rules in the Digital Gilded Age? Tom Wheeler Ebook
These Burning Stars Bethany Jacobs Ebook
This House of Grief: The Story of a Murder Trial Helen Garner, Sarah Weinman Ebook
Throne of the Fallen Kerri Maniscalco Ebook
Touched Walter Mosley Ebook
Tupac Shakur: The Authorized Biography Staci Robinson Ebook
The Twelve Books of Christmas Kate Carlisle Ebook
The Twelve Dogs of Christmas: A Novel Susan Wiggs Ebook
The Unmaking of June Farrow: A Novel Adrienne Young Ebook
West Heart Kill: A novel Dann McDorman Ebook
The Woman in Me Britney Spears Ebook
The Woman in Me Britney Spears, Michelle Williams, Britney Spears Audiobook
You Are What You Watch: How Movies and TV Affect Everything Walter Hickey Ebook

Young Adults

Title Creator(s) Format
And Don’t Look Back Rebecca Barrow Ebook
As Good as Dead: The Finale to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder Holly Jackson Ebook
As If on Cue Marisa Kanter Ebook
Beholder Ryan La Sala Ebook
Better Than the Movies Lynn Painter Ebook
The Blackwoods Brandy Colbert Ebook
The Blood Years Elana K. Arnold Ebook
A Bright Heart Kate Chenli Ebook
Catching Fire Suzanne Collins Ebook
Covet Tracy Wolff Ebook
A Curse for True Love Stephanie Garber Ebook
Divergent Veronica Roth, Emma Galvin Audiobook
Eight Dates and Nights Betsy Aldredge Ebook
The Fall of Whit Rivera Crystal Maldonado Ebook
Flower and Thorn Rati Mehrotra Ebook
The Homecoming War Addie Woolridge Ebook
The Hunger Games Suzanne Collins Ebook
The Inheritance Games Jennifer Lynn Barnes Ebook
Insurgent Veronica Roth, Emma Galvin Audiobook
Iron Widow Xiran Jay Zhao Ebook
King of Scars Leigh Bardugo Ebook
Kingdom of the Cursed Kerri Maniscalco Ebook
Kingdom of the Wicked Kerri Maniscalco Ebook
Love in Winter Wonderland Abiola Bello Ebook
Mockingjay Suzanne Collins Ebook
The Name Drop Susan Lee Ebook
Once Upon a Broken Heart Stephanie Garber Ebook
Prince of Thorns & Nightmares Linsey Miller Ebook
Sleepless in Dubai Sajni Patel Ebook
Small Favors Erin A. Craig Ebook
The Search for Us Susan Azim Boyer Ebook
Up in Flames Hailey Alcaraz Ebook
The Voice Upstairs Laura E. Weymouth Ebook
When We Become Ours: A YA Adoptee Anthology Shannon Gibney, Nicole Chung, Mariama J. Lockington, Meredith Ireland, Mark Oshiro, Stefany Valentine, Eric Smith, Kelley Baker, MeMe Collier, Susan Harness, Lisa Nopachai, Matthew Salesses, Sun Yung Shin, Lisa Wool-Rim Sjöblom, Jenny Heijun Wills Ebook
Wild Wishes and Windswept Kisses Maya Prasad Ebook


Title Creator(s) Format
Batcat (Batcat Book 1) Meggie Ramm Ebook
Black Boy Joy: 17 Stories Celebrating Black Boyhood (unabridged) Kwame Mbalia, Amir Abdullah, Taj Leahy Audiobook
Black Boy Joy: 17 Stories Celebrating Black Boyhood Kwame Mbalia Ebook
Blue: A History of the Color as Deep as the Sea and as Wide as the Sky Nana Ekua Brew-Hammond, Daniel Minter Ebook
Dark Sunshine Terri Farley Ebook
The Extincts: Flight of the Mammoth (The Extincts #2) Scott Magoon Ebook
The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza Mac Barnett, Shawn Harris, Mac Barnett Audiobook
The First Cat in Space Ate Pizza Mac Barnett, Shawn Harris Ebook
Gladys the Magic Chicken Adam Rubin, Adam Rubin Audiobook
Gladys the Magic Chicken Adam Rubin, Adam Rex, Adam Rubin Ebook
Haven: A Small Cat’s Big Adventure Megan Wagner Lloyd Ebook
Haven: A Small Cat’s Big Adventure (unabridged) Megan Wagner Lloyd, Rebecca Soler Audiobook
Indelible Ann: The Larger-Than-Life Story of Governor Ann Richards Meghan P. Browne, Carlynn Whitt Ebook
The Last Beekeeper Pablo Cartaya Ebook
The Last Beekeeper Pablo Cartaya, Kyla Garcia Audiobook
The Last Mapmaker Christina Soontornvat Ebook
The Last Mapmaker Christina Soontornvat, Sura Siu Audiobook
Leave It to Plum! Matt Phelan, Matt Phelan Ebook
Leave It to Plum! Matt Phelan, Maxwell Glick Audiobook
The Legend of Gravity: A Tall Basketball Tale Charly Palmer, Charly Palmer Ebook
The Mighty Bite Nathan Hale Ebook
Once Upon a Tim Stuart Gibbs, Gibson Frazier, Lamarr Gulley, Aden Hakimi, Lameece Issaq Audiobook
Once Upon a Tim Stuart Gibbs, Stacy Curtis Ebook
Quest for the Unicorn Horn: Quest for the Unicorn Horn Scott Magoon Ebook
Solimar: The Sword of the Monarchs Pam Muñoz Ryan Ebook
Solimar: the Sword of Monarchs (unabridged) Pam Muñoz Ryan, Franchesca Agramonte Audiobook
Tales to Keep You Up at Night Dan Poblocki, Keylor Leigh Audiobook
Tales to Keep You Up at Night Dan Poblocki, Marie Bergeron Ebook
The Wild Robot Protects Peter Brown Ebook
Thirst Varsha Bajaj Ebook
Thirst Varsha Bajaj, Reena Dutt Audiobook
Unbound: The Life and Art of Judith Scott Joyce Scott, Brie Spangler, Melissa Sweet, Melissa Sweet Ebook
Unbound: The Life and Art of Judith Scott (unabridged) Joyce Scott, Brie Spangler, Melissa Sweet, Joyce Scott Audiobook
The Wild Robot Protects Peter Brown, Kathleen McInerney Audiobook
Wrecker Carl Hiaasen, Ron Butler Audiobook
Wrecker Carl Hiaasen Ebook