pinhole eclipse viewer

Pinhole Family Workshop in Preparation for Viewing a Solar Eclipse
Friday, Oct. 6, Come-and-Go between 3:00-5:00pm.

On October 14, 2023, an annular eclipse will be visible in the continental United States. In the morning, the moon will cover the face of the Sun, so that the Sun appears in the sky as a single ring of light, known as the ring of fire. A total solar eclipse will be visible in the spring on April 8, 2024. Both of these natural phenomena will be visible here in Dripping Springs!

The sun, our closest star, is so powerful and bright it must never be viewed directly by the human eye. In preparation for the safe viewing of the solar eclipse, a workshop for creating a Pinhole Projector or a Pinhole Viewer is being offered.

Families wanting to build a Pinhole Viewer must bring a cardboard shoe box with its lid. Supplies are provided for creating a Pinhole Projector. Both simple devices allow you to safely view the shadow of the eclipse. In addition, all workshop participants may take home NASA approved Solar Viewing Glasses.