Thursday, August 17; 1:00—2:00 PM

Location: Meeting Room

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Join us at the Dripping Springs Community Library to learn about  how keeping your Garden watered shouldn’t take all your time. Learn how to develop a simple plan, get the right tools and materials, and install a drip irrigation system that conserves water, time, and saves your plants from the central Texas heat!

This discussion will be lead by Theresa Jones, Hays County Master Gardener.

The child of a gardener, Theresa has raised vegetables for most of her 30 plus years in Driftwood, but of course, when she moved there, everyone had a vegetable garden. An advocate for organic practices, she cans green beans, peaches, and tomatoes as well as some killer dill pickles. Efforts to save water as well as to minimize her time outside watering in the summer heat, she has expanded and perfected her use of simple drip irrigation in her garden. While being a mechanical engineer has probably been helpful in designing her irrigation systems, she believes that basic drip irrigation can be done by anyone who follows the two P’s – patience and planning.