Wednesday, July 12; 5:00—6:00 PM

Location: Children’s Area

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The Austin Baroque Orchestra Chamber Soloists will present a short program of music from 17th and 18th-century Italy performed on replicas of instruments from the era. The performance will be accompanied by an informal talk about the instruments, the music, and early Italian culture.

In the midst of its eleventh concert season, the Austin Baroque Orchestra & Chorus seeks to immerse its audiences in the sound world of the past by performing high-quality music from 1500-1820 using replicas of period instruments and performance techniques from the past. We think outside of the box, going beyond Bach, Handel, Vivaldi, and Mozart and instead choosing to focus upon the beautiful music of southern Europe (Spain, Portugal, Italy, France) and colonial-era Latin America. We have performed many long-forgotten (and sometimes long-lost) works composed south of the Rio Grande, sometimes for the first time in centuries. It is our goal to not only entertain our audiences but also share with them the various ways in which listeners in the past experienced and understood the music we perform today, some three or four centuries later.