Wednesday, April 12; 12:00—1:00 PM

Location: Meeting Room

Read your own poem or listen to central Texas Poets read theirs! This year’s theme is: “The Expressiveness, Delight and Pure Charm of Poetry” hosted by Nancy Fierstein and DSCL.

***You must register if you wish to read your own poem and there are only 15 spots!

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Nancy Fierstien was a Michigan transplant from Oklahoma City when she first moved to Texas in the Spring of 1985. In February of 2000, when she relinquished the reins as Founding President of the Dripping Springs Library Friends group, Nancy opted to revive her love of poetry writing. She entered the 2002 Austin International Poetry Festival with a poem she had dusted off from the Vietnam War era – and it was published in that year’s anthology.
There are numerous anthologies shelved in the DSCL poetry section, containing examples of her work. The Dripping Springs Friends of the Library declared her “Poet of the Year” in 2019.
“Thirsty Thursday” was the name she gave to monthly poetry readings she hosted from the Fall of 2007 until COVID came along. Nancy now offers monthly “Poets’ Tea” gatherings in her home where she gives poets, story tellers, musicians and songwriters a place to share their latest works.