Wednesday, December 1, 1:00—3:00 PM


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Join poet d. ellis phelps for another poetry-writing workshop:  Attendees will explore writing samples from published works; be introduced to and discuss the use of poetic devices; write, using facilitator provided prompts and receive facilitator and peer-given feedback on the writing.

poem speak:  true that! 
A parable is a short story with a moral or lesson at the end. For example, we all know not to cry wolf because we’ve all heard that parable.  Using the art of comparison or metaphor-making, we will try our hands at writing a parable in poetic form.  What would you like the world to know?  For example, you might write the parable of the boy who hunted with a bow, a story about gentleness & patience as power vs. abuse of power.  Come stretch your creative muscles with us. We’ll tell the truth.  We promise!

d. ellis phelps is the author of three books of poetry, of the novel, Making Room for George, and of the blog, Formidable Woman Sanctuary where she publishes fws:  international journal of literature & art.  She is the founding editor of Moon Shadow Sanctuary Press.  She has edited more than a dozen poetry anthologies for children and adults.  Ms. Phelps has taught fine art to students of all ages for decades.  She facilitates writing craft workshops for the Patrick Heath Public Library of Boerne, Texas, and other venues.  She is currently serving as managing editor for the anthology milagros:  everyday miracles (forthcoming 2021).