Enter to Win – Ages 9 and Older

Ages 9 and older are asked to “Name the Robot Snake” and write at least three sentences about your snake’s personality.

Enter and you could create your snake with this STEM Kit.                                            

Send your entry to childrenslibrarian@dscl.org

Include your name, age, phone # and email

Deadline to Enter: October 28

STEM Kit Awarded on: October 29

Slither into the world of robotics by building a remote-controlled snake robot! Assemble and wire the electronics that drive the robot, customize it by adding a decorative skin of your choice, then try driving it through a maze! Read about how switches help your snake shimmy from side to side, then explore engineering solutions inspired by nature — from real-world snake robots to bullet trains. Ready to discover some sssensational ssscience?
Topics to be explored: LED Circuits, Snakes, and Biomimicry.