Registration Open Now for January Happenings!

Cook Learn Grow and Chef Lori Hinze has visited the library several times with her exciting hands-on cooking classes. But due to limited space, only a handful of young cooks could participate at one time.

Now, thanks to Virtual Access – up to 20 cooks can take part, and access as many of the cooking lessons as they wish between January 4 and February 4!

Junior Chef’s Group     50+ individual lessons to select from and access as often as you want. The Jr. Chef Group is aimed at mid-level young cooks, but with parental assistance younger ones can successfully take part. Plus, teen cooks can take part as well. So, something for all of you.Register Online to grab one of the 20 spots! Access info will be shared with those who register, then you choose your own days and times and recipes to Cook-Learn-Pause Video-Cook-Learn-Grow!

Register Here!