Dripping Springs Community Library Offers Safe and Educational Solar Eclipse Experience

On April 8, 2024, Dripping Springs will be in the direct path of totality for the solar eclipse. Dripping Springs will experience the total solar eclipse beginning at approximately 12:16pm that Monday. The full eclipse begins at 1:34pm and Dripping Springs will be in total darkness for 3 minutes, when the moon’s disk completely blocks the sun.

The Dripping Springs Community Library (DSCL) has partnered with the City of Dripping Springs to provide a pair of eclipse safety glasses to each student in the Dripping Springs Independent School District. By investing in educational initiatives like this, DSCL hopes to inspire the next generation of scientists and astronomers while contributing to the overall well-being of our wonderful local school community. The library is thrilled to partner with the City to help make the solar eclipse a safe and educational experience.

DSCL will also provide eclipse programming leading up to the eclipse.

The library will be closed April 8:

Due to the great volume of visitors and vehicles expected in the area and for the staff to enjoy this once in a lifetime event, the Dripping Springs Community Library will be closed (going dark) on April 8.

Eclipse Programming


Along with providing complimentary glasses to the schools,DSCL will also have a limited supply of eclipse glasses available for patrons.

  • The City of Dripping Springs is offering eclipse glasses for sale to residents, businesses, and visitors. The glasses can be purchased at City Hall, located at 511 Mercer Street, or can be purchased online at https://www.drippingeclipse.com.