Wednesday, February 21, 12:00—1:00 PM

Location: Zoom

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The foods of early humans still surround us. Come learn how to identify and use 10 wild edible plants that can be found around Dripping Springs right now. You’ll know what your ancestors knew!

Mark “Merriwether” Vorderbruggen, Ph.D. is often (somewhat) jokingly described as a scientist raised by wolves. Having a M.S. in medicinal chemistry and a Ph.D. in physical organic chemistry, he brings science into the world of wild edible and medicinal plants through his websites and On the science side he has sixteen patents and numerous articles in research journals from his career as an oilfield chemist. But his true love is plants and the miracles they contain. He hosts one of the top wild edible/medicinal plant sites on the internet; he’s written countless foraging articles for a wide variety of magazines; taught hundreds of foraging walkabouts; appeared on radio, TV, and podcasts and has written a popular book on the subject.

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