Title Creator(s) Format
A Most Agreeable Murder Julia Seales Ebook
American Whitelash: A Changing Nation and the Cost of Progress Wesley Lowery Ebook
Banyan Moon Thao Thai, Cindy Kay, Catherine Ho, Elyse Dinh Audiobook
Banyan Moon: A Read with Jenna Pick Thao Thai Ebook
The Beach at Summerly Beatriz Williams Ebook
Before She Finds Me Heather Chavez Ebook
Big Summer: a Novel Jennifer Weiner Ebook
Business or Pleasure Rachel Lynn Solomon Ebook
Cougars on the Cliff: One Man’s Pioneering Quest to Understand the Mythical Mountain Lion, A Memoir Maurice Hornocker, David Johnson Ebook
Cross Down James Patterson, Brendan DuBois Ebook
The Dictionary of Lost Words: A Novel Pip Williams Ebook
The Distance Between Us: A Memoir (unabridged) Reyna Grande, Yareli Arizmendi Audiobook
Excavations Kate Myers Ebook
Fireworks Every Night: A Novel Beth Raymer Ebook
Fireworks Every Night: A Novel (unabridged) Beth Raymer, Rachel Jacobs Audiobook
The First Ladies Marie Benedict, Victoria Christopher Murray, Robin Miles, Tavia Gilbert Audiobook
The First Ladies Marie Benedict, Victoria Christopher Murray Ebook
The Five-Star Weekend Elin Hilderbrand, Erin Bennett Audiobook
The Frugal Wizard’s Handbook for Surviving Medieval England: Secret Projects, #2 Brandon Sanderson Ebook
A Good House for Children Kate Collins Ebook
The Happiness Plan Susan Mallery, Tanya Eby Audiobook
How to Be Remembered Michael Thompson, Lewis Fitz-Gerald Audiobook
I Am Homeless If This Is Not My Home: A novel (unabridged) Lorrie Moore, Sophie Amoss Audiobook
The Imposters Tom Rachman Ebook
It Was an Ugly Couch Anyway: And Other Thoughts on Moving Forward Elizabeth Passarella Ebook
Lady Tan’s Circle of Women Lisa See, Jennifer Lim, Justin Chien Audiobook
The Last Thing He Told Me: A Novel Laura Dave Ebook
The Light Room Kate Zambreno, Kate Zambreno Audiobook
Little Monsters Adrienne Brodeur Ebook
A Most Agreeable Murder: A Novel (unabridged) Julia Seales, Fiona Hampton Audiobook
Nineteen Claws and a Black Bird Agustina Bazterrica, Sarah Moses Ebook
No Trade Is Free: Changing Course, Taking on China, and Helping America’s Workers (unabridged) Robert Lighthizer, Charles Constant Audiobook
One by One Ruth Ware Ebook
The Only One Left: A Novel Riley Sager Ebook
The Only One Left: A Novel (unabridged) Riley Sager, Dawn Harvey, Christine Lakin Audiobook
Our Last Summer Jennifer Joyce Ebook
Owner of a Lonely Heart Beth Nguyen Ebook
President Garfield: From Radical to Unifier CW Goodyear Ebook
Private Moscow James Patterson Ebook
The Rachel Incident: A novel Caroline O’Donoghue Ebook
Red Memory: The Afterlives of China’s Cultural Revolution Tania Branigan Ebook
The Road to Roswell: A Novel Connie Willis Ebook
Sixty-One: Life Lessons from Papa, On and Off the Court (unabridged) Chris Paul, Michael Wilbon, Chris Paul Audiobook
The Spectacular: A Novel Fiona Davis Ebook
The Spectacular: A Novel (unabridged) Fiona Davis, Rachel L. Jacobs, Kimberly Farr Audiobook
Sunshine Nails: A Novel Mai Nguyen Ebook
That Summer: a Novel Jennifer Weiner Ebook
The Librarianist Patrick deWitt, Jim Meskimen Audiobook
The Theory of Everything Else: A Voyage Into the World of the Weird (unabridged) Dan Schreiber, Dan Schreiber, Jamie Morton, Ella Al-Shamahi, Craig Glenday Audiobook
To Dye For: How Toxic Fashion Is Making Us Sick—and How We Can Fight Back Alden Wicker Ebook
Tress of the Emerald Sea: Secret Projects, #1 Brandon Sanderson Ebook
The Turn of the Key Ruth Ware Ebook
Twentieth-Century Man: The Wild Life of Peter Beard (unabridged) Christopher Wallace, Will Damron Audiobook
Ultra-Processed People: The Science Behind Food That Isn’t Food Chris van Tulleken Ebook
Wanderlust Elle Everhart Ebook
What the Dead Know: Learning About Life as a New York City Death Investigator Barbara Butcher Ebook
The Wife App: A Novel Carolyn Mackler Ebook
Will They or Won’t They Ava Wilder Ebook
The Woman in Cabin 10 Ruth Ware Ebook
Wonder Drug: The Secret History of Thalidomide in America and Its Hidden Victims Jennifer Vanderbes Ebook
You Can Trust Me: A Novel Wendy Heard Ebook
The All-American Susie Finkbeiner, Andrea Emmes, Sandy Rustin Audiobook
The Beach at Summerly Beatriz Williams, Saskia Maarleveld Audiobook
Beastly: The 40,000-Year Story of Animals and Us Keggie Carew Ebook
The Best Possible Experience: Stories (unabridged) Nishanth Injam, Vikas Adam, Soneela Nankani Audiobook
The Bitter Past: A Mystery Bruce Borgos Ebook
The Block Party Jamie Day, Megan Tusing, Suzy Jackson Audiobook
The Block Party: a Novel Jamie Day Ebook
Borden Chantry (Louis L’Amour’s Lost Treasures): A Novel (unabridged) Louis L’Amour, Erik Singer, Jason Culp, Dan John Miller Audiobook
Burn the Negative Josh Winning Ebook
Chasing Shadows: My Life Tracking the Great White Shark Greg Skomal, Ret Talbot Ebook
Counterweight: A Novel Djuna, Anton Hur Ebook
The Country of the Blind: A Memoir at the End of Sight (unabridged) Andrew Leland, Andrew Leland Audiobook
The Covenant of Water (Oprah’s Book Club) Abraham Verghese Ebook
Crook Manifesto: A Novel Colson Whitehead Ebook
Cutting Teeth: A Novel Chandler Baker Ebook
Dead Heat Dick Francis, Felix Francis, Martin Jarvis Audiobook
The Deep Sky: a Novel Yume Kitasei Ebook
Do Tell: A Novel Lindsay Lynch Ebook
Easy Money: Cryptocurrency, Casino Capitalism, and the Golden Age of Fraud Ben McKenzie, Jacob Silverman Ebook
Eldercare 101: A Practical Guide to Later Life Planning, Care, and Wellbeing Mary Jo Saavedra Ebook
Emergency: Stories Kathleen Alcott Ebook
Even Money Dick Francis, Felix Francis, Martin Jarvis Audiobook
Excluded: How Snob Zoning, NIMBYism, and Class Bias Build the Walls We Don’t See Richard D Kahlenberg Ebook
Fallon: A Novel (unabridged) Louis L’Amour, Jason Culp Audiobook
First to the Front: The Untold Story of Dickey Chapelle, Trailblazing Female War Correspondent (unabridged) Lorissa Rinehart, Kate Handford Audiobook
Flags on the Bayou: A Novel (unabridged) James Lee Burke, MacLeod Andrews, Michael Crouch, Dana Gourrier, Marin Ireland, January LaVoy, Ray Porter, James Lee Burke Audiobook
Flags on the Bayou: A Novel James Lee Burke Ebook
The Fourth Turning Is Here: What the Seasons of History Tell Us about How and When This Crisis Will End Neil Howe Ebook
From the Listening Hills Louis L’Amour, John Bedford Lloyd Audiobook
The Guest Room: A Novel Tasha Sylva Ebook
The Guest Room: A Novel (unabridged) Tasha Sylva, Imogen Wilde Audiobook
The Heat Will Kill You First: Life and Death on a Scorched Planet Jeff Goodell Ebook
Hello Stranger Katherine Center Ebook
The He-Man Effect: How American Toymakers Sold You Your Childhood Brian “Box” Brown Ebook
Hope: A Novel Andrew Ridker Ebook
Horses of Fire: A Novel of Troy (unabridged) A. D. Rhine, Saskia Maarleveld, Hillary Huber, Vaneh Assadourian, Eva Kaminsky Audiobook
How to Love Your Daughter: A Novel Hila Blum, Daniella Zamir Ebook
I Know What You Did: A Novel Cayce Osborne Ebook
I Meant It Once Kate Doyle Ebook
I Wish We Weren’t Related Radhika Sanghani Ebook
Immortal Longings Chloe Gong Ebook
In a Flight of Starlings: The Wonders of Complex Systems (unabridged) Giorgio Parisi, Stephen Graybill Audiobook
The Iron Marshal: A Novel (unabridged) Louis L’Amour, Erik Singer Audiobook
A Lady’s Guide to Scandal: A Novel Sophie Irwin Ebook
Look: How to Pay Attention in a Distracted World Christian Madsbjerg Ebook
The Madwomen of Paris: A Novel Jennifer Cody Epstein Ebook
Mean Mothers: Overcoming the Legacy of Hurt Peg Streep Ebook
The Midnight News: A novel (unabridged) Jo Baker, Katherine Manners Audiobook
The Mistress of Bhatia House Sujata Massey Ebook
Must Love Flowers: A Novel Debbie Macomber Ebook
My Husband: A Novel Maud Ventura, Emma Ramadan Ebook
No One Prayed Over Their Graves: A Novel Khaled Khalifa, Leri Price Ebook
Nobody’s Fool: Why We Get Taken In and What We Can Do about It (unabridged) Daniel Simons, Christopher Chabris, Andrew Sellon Audiobook
The Ocean Above Me: A Novel Kevin Sites Ebook
One of the Boys Jayne Cowie Ebook
One Summer in Savannah: A Novel (unabridged) Terah Shelton Harris, Zuzu Robinson Audiobook
Outrage Machine: How Tech Amplifies Discontent, Disrupts Democracy—And What We Can Do About It Tobias Rose-Stockwell Ebook
Promise: A Novel Rachel Eliza Griffiths Ebook
Queen of Exiles: A Novel (unabridged) Vanessa Riley, Robin Miles Audiobook
Radigan: A Novel (unabridged) Louis L’Amour, Jason Culp Audiobook
Save What’s Left: A Novel Elizabeth Castellano Ebook
The Science of Spin: How Rotational Forces Affect Everything from Your Body to Jet Engines to the Weather Roland Ennos Ebook
The Shadow Riders: A Novel (unabridged) Louis L’Amour, Jason Culp Audiobook
Silver Nitrate Silvia Moreno-Garcia Ebook
The Splinter in the Sky Kemi Ashing-Giwa Ebook
The St. Ambrose School for Girls Jessica Ward Ebook
The Stolen Coast: A Novel Dwyer Murphy Ebook
The Stolen Coast: A Novel (unabridged) Dwyer Murphy, Robert Petkoff Audiobook
Strange Sally Diamond Liz Nugent, Jessica Regan, Stephen Hogan, Sara Lynam Audiobook
Strange Sally Diamond Liz Nugent Ebook
The Strong Shall Live Louis L’Amour, Dramatization Audiobook
Sucker: A Novel Daniel Hornsby Ebook
The Summer of Songbirds Kristy Woodson Harvey Ebook
The Summer Skies: A Novel Jenny Colgan Ebook
The Summer Skies: A Novel (unabridged) Jenny Colgan, Eilidh Beaton Audiobook
Ten-Acre Rock Kris Lackey, Mark Bramhall Audiobook
The Midnight News Jo Baker Ebook
The Summer Girl Elle Kennedy Ebook
Thief Liar Lady: A Novel D. L. Soria Ebook
To Have and to Heist Sara Desai Ebook
Tucker Louis L’Amour, Michael Crouch Audiobook
Vanishing Maps Cristina García Ebook
The Vegan: a Novel Andrew Lipstein Ebook
The War Came to Us: Life and Death in Ukraine Christopher Miller Ebook
Wasteland: The Secret World of Waste and the Urgent Search for a Cleaner Future Oliver Franklin-Wallis Ebook
Wednesdays at One: A Novel (unabridged) Sandra A. Miller, Steven Jay Cohen Audiobook
What Are We Doing Here?: Essays (unabridged) Marilynne Robinson, Carrington MacDuffie Audiobook
Women of the Post Joshunda Sanders Ebook
The Wonder State: A Novel Sara Flannery Murphy Ebook
Yellowface R. F. Kuang, Helen Laser Audiobook
You Could Make This Place Beautiful: a Memoir Maggie Smith Ebook
Zero Sum: Stories Joyce Carol Oates Ebook
Zero-Sum: Stories (unabridged) Joyce Carol Oates, Olivia Rose Barresi, Amy Jensen, Max Meyers, Linda Jones, Karissa Vacker, Cassandra Campbell, Robert Fass Audiobook

Young Adults

Title Creator(s) Format
All the Yellow Suns Malavika Kannan, offbeat kiki Audiobook
At the Speed of Lies Cindy L. Otis Ebook
Blue Bloods: After Death Melissa de la Cruz Ebook
Borrow My Heart Kasie West Ebook
Clementine and Danny Save the World (and Each Other) Livia Blackburne Ebook
Crooked Kingdom: A Sequel to Six of Crows Leigh Bardugo Ebook
An Echo in the City K. X. Song Ebook
Garden of the Cursed Katy Rose Pool Ebook
Give Me a Sign Anna Sortino Ebook
Gloria Buenrostro Is Not My Girlfriend Brandon Hoàng Ebook
Going Bicoastal Dahlia Adler Ebook
A Guide to the Dark Meriam Metoui Ebook
I’d Rather Burn Than Bloom Shannon C. F. Rogers Ebook
Invisible Son Kim Johnson Ebook
Legends and Liars Morgan Rhodes Ebook
Love & Resistance Kara H.L. Chen Ebook
Majesty: Majesty Katharine McGee Ebook
Manslaughter Park Tirzah Price Ebook
Murder on a School Night Kate Weston Ebook
My Week with Him Joya Goffney Ebook
Our Vengeful Souls Kristi McManus Ebook
Plus One Kelsey Rodkey Ebook
The Queens of New York E. L. Shen Ebook
Radiant: Color Theory, #2 Ashley Bustamante Ebook
Repeat After Me: Big Things to Say Every Day Jazmyn Simon, Dulé Hill, Shamar Knight-Justice Ebook
Ruin and Rising: The Grisha Trilogy, Book 3 Leigh Bardugo Ebook
Shadow and Bone: The Grisha Trilogy, Book 1 Leigh Bardugo Ebook
Siege and Storm: The Grisha Trilogy, Book 2 Leigh Bardugo Ebook
Six of Crows Leigh Bardugo Ebook
Someone You Loved Robin Constantine Ebook
Something More Jackie Khalilieh Ebook
A Song of Salvation Alechia Dow Ebook
Stars, Hide Your Fires Jessica Best Ebook
The Sunset Crowd Karin Tanabe Ebook
The Prince & the Apocalypse Kara McDowell Ebook
This Town Is on Fire Pamela N. Harris Ebook
Threads That Bind Kika Hatzopoulou Ebook
Warrior Girl Unearthed Angeline Boulley Ebook
We Ship It Lauren Kay Ebook
When It All Syncs Up Maya Ameyaw Ebook
You Won’t Believe Me Cyn Balog Ebook


Title Creator(s) Format
50 Adventures in the 50 States Kate Siber, Lydia Hill Ebook
Ada Lovelace and the Start of Computers Jordi Bayarri Dolz, Jordi Bayarri Dolz Ebook
Another Band’s Treasure: A Story of Recycled Instruments Hua Lin Xie, Hua Lin Xie Ebook
Austin Temporis and the Hands of Time Dustin Gibson, Adrian Doan Kim, Bryony Van Der Merwe Ebook
The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind William Kamkwamba, Bryan Mealer, Elizabeth Zunon Ebook
Catch a Crayfish, Count the Stars: Fun Projects, Skills, and Adventures for Outdoor Kids Steven Rinella, Max Temescu Ebook
Chirp Kate Messner Ebook
Code Name Bananas David Walliams Ebook
The Crayons Go Back to School Drew Daywalt, Oliver Jeffers Ebook
The Day the Crayons Quit Drew Daywalt, Drew Daywalt, Marichelle Daywalt, René Ruiz, James Patrick Cronin, Barrett Leddy, Robbie Daymond, John Lee, Tara Sands, MacLeod Andrews, Ron Butler, Kim Mai Guest, Max Meyers Audiobook
Dragons at Crumbling Castle: And Other Tales (unabridged) Terry Pratchett, Julian Rhind-Tutt Audiobook
Dragons Love Tacos Adam Rubin, Daniel Salmieri, Adam Rubin Audiobook
Dungeon Crawlers Academy, Book 1 J.P. Sullivan, Elmer Damaso Ebook
Fall of the School for Good and Evil Soman Chainani Ebook
Galileo Galilei and the Movement of the Planets Jordi Bayarri Dolz, Jordi Bayarri Dolz Ebook
The Great Pet Heist Emily Ecton, Patrice Clark Audiobook
Hooked on Books Margaret Chiu Greanias, Kristyna Litten Ebook
How to Read a Story Kate Messner, Mark Siegel Ebook
Into the Woods J. Torres, Faith Erin Hicks Ebook
Karen’s Haircut: A Graphic Novel (Baby-sitters Little Sister #7) Ann M. Martin, Katy Farina Ebook
Katt Loves Dogg James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Anuki López Ebook
Katt vs. Dogg James Patterson, Chris Grabenstein, Anuki López Ebook
Knight Owl Christopher Denise, James Langton Audiobook
Maker Lab: 28 Super Cool Projects Jack Challoner, Jack Andraka, Smithsonian Institution Ebook
Mary Anning and the Great Fossil Discoveries Jordi Bayarri Dolz, Jordi Bayarri Dolz Ebook
Mustang Moon Terri Farley Ebook
National Parks of the USA Kate Siber, Chris Turnham Ebook
Odder Katherine Applegate, Alison Fraser, Yuuki Luna, Angel Pean, Nancy Wu, Amanda Carlin, Adenrele Ojo Audiobook
Outdoor Science Lab for Kids: 52 Family-Friendly Experiments for the Yard, Garden, Playground, and Park Liz Lee Heinecke Ebook
Over and Under the Canyon Kate Messner, Christopher Silas Neal Ebook
Over and Under the Pond Kate Messner, Christopher Silas Neal Ebook
Over and Under the Rainforest Kate Messner, Christopher Silas Neal Ebook
Over and Under the Snow Kate Messner, Christopher Silas Neal Ebook
Over and Under the Waves Kate Messner, Christopher Silas Neal Ebook
A Peek at Beaks: Tools Birds Use Sara Levine, Kate Slater Ebook
Pop!: The Invention of Bubble Gum Meghan McCarthy, Meghan McCarthy Ebook
Queen Victoria’s Bathing Machine Gloria Whelan, Nancy Carpenter Ebook
Refugee Alan Gratz Ebook
The Sandwich Thief Andre Marois, Patrick Doyon Ebook
Skull Cat and the Curious Castle Norman Shurtliff Ebook
Sonic the Hedgehog (2018), Volume 1: Fallout Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, Adam Bryce Thomas, Jen Hernandez Ebook
Sonic the Hedgehog (2018), Volume 2: The Fate of Dr. Eggman Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, Adam Bryce Thomas, Evan Stanley Ebook
Sonic the Hedgehog (2018), Volume 3: Battle For Angel Island Ian Flynn, Tracy Yardley, Evan Stanley Ebook
Sonic the Hedgehog: The IDW Collection, Volume 3 Ian Flynn, Adam Bryce Thomas, Priscilla Tramontano, Evan Stanley Ebook
The Sound of Thunder J. Torres, Faith Erin Hicks Ebook
The Swifts Beth Lincoln, Claire Powell Ebook
The Swifts: A Dictionary of Scoundrels (unabridged) Beth Lincoln, Nikki Patel Audiobook
Undertown, Volume 1 Jim Pascoe, Jake Myler Ebook
We Also Served: True Stories of Brave Animals in the Military and Other Heroic Tales Erin McGill Ebook
Welcome to the Wonder House Rebecca Kai Dotlich, Georgia Heard, Deborah Freedman Ebook
Whale Fall: Exploring an Ocean-Floor Ecosystem Melissa Stewart, Rob Dunlavey Ebook
When Glitter Met Glue Karen Kilpatrick, German Blanco Ebook
When Pencil Met Eraser Karen Kilpatrick, Luis O. Ramos, Jr., German Blanco Ebook
When Pencil Met the Markers Karen Kilpatrick, Luis O. Ramos, Jr., German Blanco Ebook
White Bird: Based on the Graphic Novel (unabridged) R. J. Palacio, Erica S. Perl, Hillary Huber, Hope Newhouse Audiobook
The Wonderful Things You Will Be Emily Winfield Martin, Ari Meyers Audiobook
The Worry Balloon Mónica Mancillas, Betty C. Tang Ebook
Worst Broommate Ever! Wanda Coven, Anna Abramskaya Ebook