Thursday, February 17; 12:00—1:00 PM


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The In the Garden Presentation series by the Hays County Master Gardeners covers a variety of topics about gardening, including planting schedules, soil types, trees, native plants, environmental considerations, and more!

This talk will focus on the North American Monarch, their history, habits, the argument for conservation and how we can help them survive.  Topic areas include: Types, Location, Traits, Population Trends, Contributing Factors to Population Decline, Reproductive Lifecycle, Migration Patterns, Monarch Friendly Plants and Milkweed.

Marlene moved to Austin in 2006 after a long career in the Information Technology Business Sector in Northern Virginia.

In 2014 she and her husband, Brian, moved to Driftwood in search of space and quiet.  In practicing her love of gardening, Marlene learned quickly that gardening in Texas is not the same as gardening in Northern Virginia, where forgiving and fertile soils can be found.  

In an effort to understand how to be successful in gardening here, Marlene became a Hays County Master Gardener in 2018.  One happy by-product of that training is the widening of her knowledge of the Monarch and it’s plight. She is pleased to share some of that knowledge with you today.