Grab-and-Go Backpacks are a new and exciting addition to the library. And, we hope a welcome offering for you 1,000 Books families! We are doing a test run with a small group of grab-and-go Backpacks that hold 10 books each and are a combination of fiction & factual picture books and board books. Two backpacks even include a longer read for these preschool ages. “Backpack” is catalog searchable and provides all titles included in each backpack.
Reserve, checkout and read all the books, and then record each title in ReadSquared! Reserve and checkout one backpack at a time and renew it one time if needed. The complete backpack should be returned with all 10 books inside.

Since this is a set of ten books, a replacement cost for the backpack and the books has been assigned an average price of $160.00. This fee will be charged if the set is totally destroyed or lost.

Daily late due fines will be $1.00 per day for the filled Backpack. Individual books that are damaged or lost and must be replaced will be assessed the actual replacement cost of that book.