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Dinovember – is the month that plastic dinosaurs seem to come to life at the library. Join the whimsical fun in the kids’ room.

What to expect?
Dinosaurs Everywhere! – Go on a Dinosaur Hunt in the Children’s Room and count the plastic dinosaurs you discover.
Tally sheets will be available to help you track the numbers while you hunt and count. 
The dinosaurs will find new places to hide each week during November.
You can earn a dinosaur prize for finding the minimum number required each week. The numbers will change weekly.

Dinovember Book Displays – Dinosaur books, turkey books, and Thanksgiving books will have featured spots during November.
Watch for the special displays.
Help decorate for Dinovember – a Dinovember art table will be available for those wishing to color dinosaurs or turkeys.
Watch the windows for the finished artwork!
Why Dinovember?
Why not have a little fun during November and enjoy dinosaurs and Thanksgiving turkey and interesting books at the same time?
After all, scientists do say that our Thanksgiving bird is a modern day relative of some dinosaurs, including the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.
They share a “furcula” or wishbone, and more!
Visit the Library During November & Discover “Dinovember”!