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Websites for Student Information & Research

Early World of Learning

If you are at home, please login to World Book with your library card.

Khan Academy - A library of thousands of videos and hundreds of practice exercises. This site covers everything from arithmetic to physics, finance, and history.

Search Engines for Kids

KidRex is a fun and safe search for kids, by kids! KidRex searches emphasize kid-related webpages from across the entire web and are powered by Google Custom Search™ and use Google SafeSearch™ technology.

KidzSearch offers a unique solution to this important problem. When a search is done on KidzSearch.com, it can only return Google "strict" search results and is not dependent on any computer, cookie or browser settings. The same trusted high-quality search results as Google are returned, but without adult content mixed in them.

kidsclick.org - A searchable web directory created by "a bunch of librarians" at the Ramapo Catskill Library System

yippy.com - This site gives good results for school assignments.

Refseek.com - A good search engine for school research.

SLDirectory.com - Directory of sites for middle school students and their teachers and parents.

For Kids and Parents

Educationworld.com - This is a great site for teachers, and you will find lots of links to web sites which will be helpful to students, parents, and home schoolers

Disney Family - This is a family friendly site. There are fun games, arts and craft projects for the kids, along with recipes and other information for parents.

ALA.org - Great Websites  - Directory of web sites for students, parents, and teachers compiled by the Association for Library Service for Children

thinkquest.org - This is a collection of over 5000 web sites created by students, past participates in Think Quest, for other students. They include a wide range of school subjects.  As of As of July 1, 2013 ThinkQuest has been discontinued.  This is a link to their archives.

factmonster.com - Online dictionary, encyclopedia and almanac. Also homework help and some fun and games links.

kidsites.com - A rather limited number of sites, but the ones included are good ones.

United States History and Government

americaslibrary.gov - Library of Congress in Washington D. C. offers an entertaining, easy to use website full of information.

whitehouse.gov/about/inside-white-house - History & Information about the White House, Fun Facts and more.

kids.gov  - The official kids portal for the U. S. government. A wide variety of subjects are covered, and Special links for educators are also included.

bensguide.gpo.gov - Provides learning tools for K-12 students, parents, and teachers. These resources teach how our government works and the use of the primary source materials of GPO Access.

learner.org/interactives/historymap/index.html - Interactive map lets you trace the growth of the United States “from sea to shining sea”.

native-languages.org/kids.htm - Information about native Americans across North America.

World History

kidspast.com - “The past belongs to kids.”  Explore world history from the stone age to modern events. Information and fun things to do all about history.


Ask Dr. Math - Student 'Math Doctors' who love to answer questions from other students - Elementary 

Ask Dr. Math - Student 'Math Doctors' who love to answer questions from other students - Middle School

Ask Dr. Math - Student 'Math Doctors' who love to answer questions from other students - High School

www.Quizzes.cc - Math quizzes you can create and grade online.