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World Book Online: "Behind the Headlines"

World Book Online is a major electronic database provided for you through the DSCL website. It is accessible simply by using your library card number and your phone number. The Student Access point provides not only research help with World Book articles for upper elementary and middle school students, but also some interesting extras.

Let’s take a look at “Behind the Headlines”.

This is an interesting extra feature found on the main page of the Student World Book Online. Dated items provide expanded information taken from the vast World Book files and the features change monthly. For example, today in archived articles, I found that on Dec. 22, 1937 the Lincoln Tunnel opened. By clicking Lincoln Tunnel, I was taken to a headline mockup about the historic the opening of this engineering feat complete with photos, info about advancements since that date, and additional links to related information. This special format adds interest and helps history come alive for students, no research assignment needed!
General subject sidebars in Behind the Lines lead to many more December happenings, and you can also select a different month if you wish. Other interesting extras can be found in Behind the Headlines, but I will let you make those discoveries.