These instructions allow you to listen to OverDrive eAudiobooks on your computer (Windows or Mac), or transfer them to a MP3 player.

  1. Go to and scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the appropriate link.
    • For Windows users, the link for “Download for Windows 8 & 10” will direct you to the Microsoft Store.  If you select this version, once you click “Get” in the Microsoft Store, it will automatically download and install
    • The “Download for Windows Desktop” will direct you to download a traditional installer file which will work on Windows 7, 8 & 10.  You will need to open the file to install it

2.  At the top right of the website click on Account to be directed to our catalog page to log in.

3. Use your library card and your phone number to log into the Library’s Electronic Resources.

Catalog login

4.  Click on the OverDrive logo to be authenticated and redirected to the Library’s OverDrive site.


5.  You will already be signed into the OverDrive site via your Library account.


You may now search for the title you wish to read.

6.  Once you have found a title, place your mouse over the title and the option to borrow it will appear.

OverDrive app

7.  Click on Borrow to check out the title.


8.  Once the title has been checked out and added to your bookshelf, click the Download button.

9. You will be prompted to download a small file for the title you have borrowed.  Download the file.

10. In the OverDrive Desktop app go to File > Open and select the file you had just downloaded.

11.  You will then be prompted to download all or parts of the eAudiobook.

a. The eAudiobook will by default be downloaded into your Documents folder into a folder named after the eAudiobook title.

12.   To transfer the eAudiobook to a MP3 player, make sure the device is connected to the computer, then select the title in the Overdrive Desktop app and click Transfer.  Follow the prompts.

a.  By default a folder for the eAudiobook is created in the music folder on your device and transferred to it.
b.  You can change the location by going to advanced options

Technical support and information on more devices is available at