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RBdigital Tutorial

Downloading App and Setup

  1. Creating RBdigital Account
    1. You will be prompted for:
      1. A Username
        1. I suggest using your email to keep things easy to remember
      2. Your Name
      3. E-Mail
      4. Password
    1. Click the Login Image below
    2. Use your library card and your phone number to log into the Library's Electronic Resources.
    3. Click on the RBdigital logo to be authenticated and redirected to the Library's RBdigital site.
    4. First-time users need to set up a RBdigital account. From the Library’s RBdigital site, select "Register" at the top-right.
    5. Create your RBdigital account
  2. Download the RBdigital App
    1. Apple Device
    2. Android Devices
    3. Kindle Fire -
  3. Setting Up the App on Your device
    1. With the app open you will be prompted to select your:
      1. Country
      2. State
    2. You will then enter in the name of your Library
    3. You will then log in with the RBdigital Account you had created.
  4. Searching for an eTitle
    1. To search for a specific title
      1. Tap the Search icon on the top right of the app
        1. Select either Audiobooks or eBooks and search for your title
    2. To browse the collection
      1. Tap on the menu icon at the top left of the app
      2. Tap on either Audiobooks or EBooks
        1. You can either scroll through the "Most Popular," "Bestsellers," or "new Releases"
        2. Or to simply browse through the entire collection, tap on "+ View All" at the top right
    3. The title it will indicate whether or not the eTitle is available for check out
      1. If available it will state "Checkout"
      2. If it is already check out by someone else it will say "Hold"
        1. By holding, you can be placed on the reserve list for the title
  5. Checking Out
    1. Once you have found a Title, tap on the Title’s image. You will then get the option to Borrow the title if it is available.
    2. Select "Check Out"
  6. Reading/listening to the eTitle
    1. To download the book return to the app's menu
      1. Select "Checked Out"
      2. Select "Download" below your checked out title to download the eTitle
      3. Once downloaded, select the title to read
  7. Returning
    1. Under “Checked Out” select the title you wish to return,
    2. Select “Return” at the bottom to return the title.

 If you need further assistance, please contact Recorder Books Support at 877.77AUDIO or by email at support@recordedbooks.com.