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OverDrive Tutorial

Downloading App and Setup

  1. Obtaining the App
    1. Depending on your device you will need to go to the appropriate app store.
      1. Apple Devices
      2. Android Devices
      3. Nook
        1. Nook Apps store for older Nooks
        2. Google Play Store for the newer Nooks
      4. Kindle Fire - Amazon App Store
    2. Search for OverDrive
    3. Download the OverDrive App
    4. Open the app once download is complete
  2. Setup the App on Your Device
    1. With the app open you will be prompted to log in.
      1. If you know you already have an OverDrive account, login with your OverDrive account information.
    2. For new OverDrive App users, you will select the link to create a new account.
      1. You will be prompted for:
        1. A Username
          1. I suggest using your email to keep things easy to remember
        2. Your Name
        3. Zip Code
        4. E-Mail
        5. Password
    3. Once completed, you may be receiving a verification email soon after. The next time you check your email, read and follow the instructions in the E-mail; usually you just click a link to confirm.
    4. Sign In with your newly created account login.
      1. This is the only time you will need to do this
    5. Tap on the Menu Icon in the Top Left corner
    6. Tap on the Add button
    7. Perform a search for the "Dripping Springs Community Library"
    8. Select "Dripping Springs Community Library" from the results
      1. Another option will appear below for the "Central Texas Digital Consortium," with the outline of a Star in front of it
    9. Tap the star to save the Consortium to your library list
    10. Tap the menu icon in the upper left to return to the app's main menu
    11. Now select the “Central Texas Digital Consortium
    12. You will now be looking at the OverDrive website page, within the app
    13. Select Sign In at the upper right
    14. You will then be prompted for your library name
    15. After you select the “Dripping Springs Community Library,” you will be asked for your Library card number and library account password, (by default it is your phone number).
    16. Make sure to select “remember sign in”
      1. Each time the app is closed, you are signed out. You will need to sign back in with your library information if you wish to browse and checkout titles.  This option will auto fill your card number and password so that all you will need to do is select Sign In
      Now for the part we have been waiting for, checking out and reading books. To start off we will go through how to check out an eBook and an eAudio title. The process is the same for both.
    1. Browsing and Checking Out eTitles
      1. Browsing
        1. You can browse through titles on the main page
        2. You can use the menu at the top to browse categories
        3. Or, you can use the search function (magnifying glass icon)
      2. Availability
        1. When you look at the image of a Title you will see an icon at the top right corner of the image, indicating the format of the title
          1. Book = eBook
          2. Headphones = eAudio
        2. If the image is Dark/Black it means the title is available for checkout
        3. If the image is faded, the Title is currently unavailable
      3. Checking Out
        1. Once you have found a Title, tap on the Title’s image. You will then get the option to Borrow the title if it is available
        2. If the title is not available you can select to have it placed on HOLD.
          1. You will then be asked for an email address so that you can be notified once the title is available.
          2. You can also have the title automatically checkout to your account once it is available.
    2. Reading/Listening to the eTitle
    3. There are multiple ways to checkout and read books on OverDrive.
  • Streaming through the app or browser (requires constant internet connection)
  • Downloading and reading the ePub version of the eBook
  • Downloading and reading the Kindle version of the eBook
  1. Once a title has been checked out you will find it in your Bookshelf (under your Account)
    1. Tap the account button in the menu bar at top
  2. You now have a number of reading options
    1. Streaming (constant internet connection required)
      1. To access just tap on the Read button, this will open the eBook for reading in your browser
    2. Downloading - tap the download button, there are two options:
      1. EPUB eBook
        1. This downloads the title onto your device (internet connection not required after downloading to read)
        2. After the eBook is downloaded tap on the Menu button at the top left and select Bookshelf
        3. Tap the title and begin reading within the OverDrive App
      2. Kindle Book– This option requires an Amazon account plus a Kindle or the Kindle Reading App on your device.
        1. Selecting the Kindle Book option will direct you to log into your Amazon account
        2. Once logged in, choose the device you wish to send the eBook to and click “Get Library Book”
        3. The eBook is now available to you on your selected device and works like any other Kindle Book.
  3. eAudio
    eAudio Titles work similarly except for the Kindle option. You have the option to stream and download.
  • Returning
  • Returning or “Checking In” your eTitle depends on how you checked it out. For Titles downloaded, you must ALSO remove them from your device.
    1. Remove the downloaded title from your device (not for Kindle returns)
      1. In the apps bookshelf accessed by tapping on the icon in the upper left go to bookshelf
      2. Under the title there will be three dots in a vertical line , tap on them to see options for the title
      3. Select Remove/Delete title from device. This removes the title from your device
    2. Returning a Title in the OverDrive App
      1. Tap the vertical 3 dots again and select “Return Title”
  • Returning Kindle eBooks
    1. Remove from device
      1. Remove title like any other Kindle book
      2. In the Kindle app or on the Kindle Device press and hold your finger on the Title’s image until you get the options menu
      3. Select Remove from device
    2. Return eBook via Amazon
      1. Log into your Amazon account
      2. Under Account options go to “Manage Content and Devices”
      3. Under the “Your Content” Tab find the title checked out through OverDrive
      4. Select the 3 horizontal dots “Actions” Button
      5. Select Return title