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Overdrive Kindle Fire


Different devices have slightly different ways of loading downloadable content on to them.

There are two ways to read eBooks on Kindle Fire devices.  You may download the EPUB eBook through the Overdrive app.


For users with a Kindle Fire, Kindle eInk Reader or Kindle Reading app.

Go here on how to Download the Kindle eBook without using the Overdrive app.  

Follow these instructions for using the Overdrive App on your Kindle Fire device.

1.  Download the OverDrive app from the Amazon App store.


2.  Open the OverDrive app and follow the prompts to create an OverDrive account and log in.  If you are under 13, select I am under 13 years old instead.

3.  In the OverDrive app, find your library's OverDrive website.

4.  You can do this by swiping from left to right to open the Home menu, or by tapping Device-Overdrive-Button.jpg then tapping

+ Add a library.


5.  In the search screen, search for "Dripping Springs Community Library"


6.  Tap the OverdriveStarIcn icon to save the library's website to your library list.

7.  Select your library's name from the Overdrive app's menu.

8.  Log into the library's Overdrive website from the app with your library card and borrow a title.


9.  Start browsing.

10.  Once you have found a title, tap the title and the option to borrow it will appear.

11.  tap on Borrow to check out the title.


12.  Once the title has been checked out and added to your bookshelf, tap the read button to start streaming the title from your device.



13.  Tap Download and select EPUB*

14.  to download Overdrives EPUB* eBooks and MP3 audio books directly to the Overdrive app.

    *Note - If you’re using a first generation Kindle Fire, you’ll need to authorize your device with an Adobe ID to
      download EPUB eBooks. It’s a one-time, free process that takes just moments to complete.


15.  If you have the Kindle Reading App, select download Kindle Book.

This will direct you to log into your Amazon account.

AmazonSignIn 16. Once signed in you may select the device to send the Kindle book to and then select Get Library Book. AmazonGetBook The Kindle Book will be delivered to the selected device.

If you have any other devices with the Kindle Reading app attached to your Amazon account, the book will be available in your Kindle Library to download. No need to login to Overdrive again.

Your notes and bookmarks will sync across your Kindle account.

 You can watch a help video on Overdrive for Kindle Fire at: http://help.overdrive.com/#videos.

If you need assistance, please visit the Overdrive help website at http://help.overdrive.com/.