Welcome to the Dripping Springs Community Library


So You want to Donate Some Books...

If you have a very special collection, please contact the director of the library.

The collection of the Dripping Springs Community Library has been developed by the head librarians as well as through the acceptance of gift materials over many years.
We are grateful and appreciate the generosity of those who donate materials to the library. You love the quality of your library and to maintain that quality for both our collection and for our on-going book sale, we have established some basic guidelines. We hope they help you in deciding what to bring to us.
As always, if you have any questions or are considering a large donation or trust, please contact the Director: Marcia Atilano (director@dscl.org) at (512) 858-7825. We also invite you to contact us if you are interested in donating specific items like new or gently used computers, servers or other items.

Dripping Springs Community Library will happily accept the following materials in new or nearly new condition:  All donations must be clean.

Hardcover Books 5 years old or newer with dust jacket intact
Paperback Books 3 years old or newer
Literary Classics or Prize Winners Any age, in good condition
Spanish Books 5 years old or newer
Large Print Books 5 years old or newer
English and Spanish, Classics, children's, and new releases in original packaging with all booklets and material.
VHS We are no longer accepting VHS tapes.
Music Compact Disks Undamaged and in cases with original booklets.
Audio Books: CD and MP3 Disk Unabridged, undamaged, complete sets with original cases and booklets.

Dated, yellowed, damaged, musty or smoky items cannot be accepted.

Unfortunately we will not be able to accept the following except under special circumstances:

Abridged or condensed books  VHS Tapes
Fliers or catalogs  Audio Books on Cassette
Newspapers  Text Books

All donated items become the property of the Dripping Springs Community Library and are added, sold or otherwise discarded at the library's discretion. Receipts will be provided at the patron's request. A monetary value for the donated material will not be provided.

Please provide your name and contact information (address, telephone number, etc.) with your donation and please bring your donation during our business hours unless otherwise coordinated with the Director of the Library.

Please remember we are not a depository for book recycling. 

You may recycle your books and magazines at:

  • Recycling bins (the green and yellow dumpsters) - found at any of the elementary schools,  the middle school, and City Hall.  Paper only.
  •  Dripping Springs Senior Center

The library does not endorse or promote any of these businesses. We are simply suggesting alternatives for your books.

Other Ways to Donate to the Library

There are many ways to help your library grow. Once you realize that we are almost entirely community supported, you may realize that the local government would not think twice if we disappeared. We don't get discounts for water, electricity, DSL, Security or Trash Services, so the more you help out, the more resources we can put toward providing what the community needs and wants.

Shop Locally!

As much as we all hate paying sales tax, your library benefits directly when you shop locally in Dripping Springs. We receive a tiny portion of sales tax, particularly compared to other libraries in the area, but for every 1/25 of each penny you spend here helps!

Read the Friends Newsletter

Keep up with the latest happenings with the Friends of the Library organization.  Their fundraising helps the library in so many ways from buying books and other materials for the collection, computers, and helpful research databases!!