Thursday, April 21; 12:00—1:00 PM


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You will be surprised to discover just how many bees are native Texans!  In this talk, Karen will cover the history of the relationship between flowers and bees, and give you some clues of how to identify them and welcome them safely to pollinate your garden!

Karen completed the Hays County Master Gardeners Program in the Fall of 2021.

She was born in West Texas and spent most of her childhood on her grandparents’ cotton farm. Her family grew most of the food they ate provided by a large garden and orchard. As a result, she grew up appreciating the importance of plants and how they sustain us.
Karen attended Texas A&M completing undergraduate studies in Marine Biology and Marine Fisheries and later a Masters degree in Science Teaching. After 32 years in public education, she retired in 2017 and spends most of her time gardening and beekeeping.