T-Rex holding book walking away from library

Dinovember – is the month that dinosaurs, turkeys, and Thanksgiving visits the library. Join the whimsical fun in the kids’ room during Dinovember!

Why Dinovember?

Why not! Let’s have a little fun during November and enjoy Dinosaurs, Thanksgiving, Turkeys, and interesting books at the same time! After all, some scientists do say that our Thanksgiving bird is a modern day relative of some dinosaurs, including the mighty Tyrannosaurus Rex.
FYI: They share a “furcula” or wishbone!

What to Expect?

Paint a Turkey, Pixel by Pixel with Stickers – A Group Effort

Help complete the Turkey Mosaic Poster Remember, turkeys are a part of Dinovember! 

All ages, kids to adults, are invited to help “paint” our large Turkey Mosaic Poster using colored ½” square stickers. As the stickers are added, the picture begins to appear. Let’s work together and finish the turkey as early as possible in November.

Poster is 40” x 36” so there are plenty of ½” stickers.

Note: please select one of the small color groups of stickers and attach them ALL in their appropriate spots. Feel free to add more, but please finish all stickers in any group you select. Afterward, throw away the empty backings in the blue recycling bin.

Stegosaurus in Story Time area

Dinosaurs Are Everywhere

Go on a Dinosaur Hunt in the Children’s Room and COUNT the plastic dinosaurs you discover hiding. Look high and low and in between!  The dinosaur numbers will grow weekly, and they will seek out new hiding places each week, so visit often during November!

Note to caregivers: little ones may want to gather the dinos like an egg hunt, please help them count instead of picking up the dinosaurs. Earn a dinosaur prize for counting a minimum number weekly, the prize changes each week.

Dinovember Book Displays

Dinosaur books, turkey books, and Thanksgiving books will have featured spots during November.               

Create a Dinosaur for Dinovember

Create a 3-Dimensonal DINOSAUR in your choice of mediums. Sculpt in clay, opt for tinfoil art, Paper-Mache, Lego Bricks, or whatever you prefer. Please complete your DINOSAUR by Nov. 15 and bring it to the Children’s Room for display by that date!  The winning 3-D DINOSAURs will be chosen by library visitors’ votes during Nov. 16-29. The top three winners will receive a Book, a Certificate, and a Button. This is apart from the Kindle prize!

To be eligible to win a Kindle HD8, no one in your family can have won a Kindle.
The top voted 3-D Dinosaur entry that is eligible will win a Kindle HD8 on Nov. 30.

Dinovember Book Bundle to be Awarded to a Lucky Young Artist!

Ages 4-8 are invited to color a Dinosaur or Turkey Coloring Sheet to display in the Children’s Room. If you add your name, age, phone number and email to the back of the sheet – you are entered in the Dinovember Book Bundle Drawing that will take place on Nov. 22.