T-Rex holding book walking away from library

Dinovember – is the month that DINOSAURS love to visit the library. Join the whimsical fun during November!

What to expect?

Dinosaurs Everywhere on your Way to the Front Door, Beware!

Go on a Dinosaur Hunt as you walk to the front door. Count the dinosaurs you discover inside the windows or doors. Simply tell us how many you counted and take home a small gift. The dinosaur numbers will grow weekly until Thanksgiving. You can go on a Dino Hunt each week and earn a prize each week.
Compare Your Feet to a Dinosaur Track You are invited! Compare your feet to the dinosaur track tracings. Tracks will be on the front porch and also in Childrens for those who visit the live story times. If you wish, share the comparison for posting on the library’s social media. Send photos to: childrenslibrarian@dscl.org. We do not post names.

Virtual Dinovember Book Display Videos

Watch for posts on social media for dinosaur, turkey and Thanksgiving books. Reserve the ones you want for front porch delivery.

Take home Dinovember Puzzle Art – Two Levels, Easy or Challenging!

Stegosaurus in Story Time area

A Contest: Which Dinosaur is closest in length to the Children’s Room?

Enter your guess for a chance to take home a Kindle Fire HD.
Send your guesses to childrenslibrarian@dscl.org along with your name, your personal library card number, phone number and age.

Families who have won a Kindle previously are not eligible to win again.

This prize is made possible by the generous donations of the Friends of the Dripping Springs Community Library.

Why Dinovember

Why not have a little fun during November and enjoy a bit of fun with dinosaurs, Thanksgiving and turkeys? Plus lots of interesting books at the same time. After all, scientists do say that our Thanksgiving bird is a modern day relative of some dinosaurs, including the mighty T-Rex.