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  1. Retell a classic folk or fairy tale, even a tall tale!
    Use your imagination. You must retell the story in your own words, do not read from a published book.
  2. Create the accompanying characters, props, scenes, etc.
    Get creative! Hand drawn illustrations or paintings can help you tell the story and show off your many talents. Or, use your computer skills to generate scenes. Puppets, dolls, or other items could also portray characters in your story.
  3. Record your classic tale digitally!
    Make the video your own, and make it memorable!
    Ask someone to video your tale as you talk and use your props to help tell the story. Entries will be shared via the library’s YouTube Channel as an “unlisted” program. Only library members who follow the link on www.dscl.org will be able to view the classic tales.
  4. Save your classic tale video to iCloud or GoogleDrive and send us the link.
    Upload your video to either ICloud or your Google Drive and send us the link so we can open the video and download it to the library YouTube channel as an unlisted video. Please include the name of your video along with the link.
  5. A photo/video permission form: (Download form here)
    A permission form must be completed by your adult and sent to the childrenslibrarian@dscl.org.

One winner in each age group will be announced on August 31st

Suggestion: Complete and submit your video before you start back to school! But, you have all month if you want the extra time.

If anyone in your family has previously won a Kindle, you will not be able to win.
But, please don’t let that stop you from submitting your creative video.
We would love to see and share it also!