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Important Notice From OneClickDigital

As of 7/13/15, Microsoft will no longer be supporting DRM (digital rights management) for WMA files for eAudio.  This is a technical issue that will have an impact on some OneClickdigital users.  Anyone that currently downloads encrypted WMA titles using the OneClickdigital Media Manager or downloads encrypted eAudio manually (as Zip files) will no longer be able to do so as of 7/13.

OneClickdigital has taken steps to make sure that users are aware of this, and will be changing their website and the Media Manager to ensure that members are aware of this new limitation.  Please note, although this issue affects all WMA files, only members who utilize the Media Manager will be impacted by the change.

All eAudio titles in your library’s collection, including the previously indicated WMA files, will continue to be available through streaming on the OneClickdigital site and for downloading through all versions of the OneClickdigital app.  Again, this impact of the Microsoft refusal to support encrypted WMA files will only impact the members who are attempting to download with the Media Manager or through manual transfer.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your understanding of the situation.


Different devices have slightly different ways of loading downloadable content on to them. Follow these instructions for eAudio on your Microsoft Windows desktop using the OneClickDigital Media Manager.

Go to www.dscl.org and click on the login graphic or link.


Use your library card and your phone number to login to the Library's Electronic Resources.


Click on the OneClickDigital logo to be authenticated and redirected to the Library's OneClickDigital site.

First-time users need to set up a OneClickDigital account. From the library’s OneClickDigital site, select "Create New Account" at the top-right.


The OneClickDigital Media Manager allows you to transfer titles to your portable device. This gives you the freedom to listen to your titles anywhere at any time. Using the Media Manager will require a one-time program installation onto your computer. This is a quick and easy download that can be done by following the install instructions in the User Tutorial tab.


Once you have installed the program to your computer, simply double click the Media Manager icon on your desktop. Log in with the username and password you entered when creating your OneClickDigital account.

The Media Manager will launch. After signing in, click "Play" to listen to your audiobook, or click "Download And Transfer" to send the title to your portable device.


A list of supported devices can be found on the Help / Devices tab.  Note: iTunes® needs to be installed to transfer to an iPod® and the preferences in iTunes must be set to “Manually Manage Music".

Manual Option - Windows - Manually downloading and transferring titles to your device (Limited to non-DRM titles)

If you need assistance, please contact OneClickdigital Support at 877.77AUDIO or, please email us at support@oneclickdigital.com.


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